Segol Metro

Full Map of the Segol Metro

The The Segol Metro is a Rapid Transit system made up of a Underground Subway and a Urban Rail System known as the E-Train. The Segol metro is one of the largest in the world with 12 lines and a large sprawling system. Constructed in 1960 the original line was from Amnis to Asøn. The Current Metro is run by the Segol Metropolitan Transportation Authority along with Transport for Segol State. The Metro in recent times has undergone a large expansion with the formation of the E Line in 2008 and an extention to the 1st Line. The Subway is known for its colour coordinated system and intergration between the other transportation systems in Segol.


President Laverne decided after Unification to constuct a Metro System to fufill the needs of the countries capital city. The Segol Metro was decided to be build between the Major Trasport Hub around the Parliament and The various squares. The Constuction was halted and began to restart after the various wars and insidents and in 1960 it was finnished. Tickets in the system cost 3.30A (or £1.50) for an average Non Student or +18, below that its Free and also free for OAP's. The Tickets are Bought from Machines and Offices located in each station, they are checked in Barrier that are guarded and built into a glass screen. The Xtreme Card can be bought for 8000A (£20.00) which is used for reduced travel usually cut to 1.25A (£00.50). The lines are open between 5:30 and 23:00 excluding Christmas, Easter, Lunerost and New Year when it is closed.

Future ExpansionEdit

There are plans to ad 2 more E-Train Lines around Segol which will be elivated above the streets like the
C Line Train

The E-Train C Line

Chiago L-Train. These are planned to run from east of Sergao to Central Station and from Arbrisn to Segol Beach then down creating a new station on the E-Train Line E then to Gunnes station. Other Underground Lines are being planned for the outer limits of the city around Peage towards Los Acantilados then to Sur and finally ending at Keo House Station. This new line is currently under construction and in the Winter of 2011 the Los Acantilados station was closed to expand for the new line. There are plans to also expand the crowded port which will be connected by the E-Train C Line which will be expanded to create the Peir 5 Station and also a planned aritifial island which shall be called Port Island.