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Disian People

Disia, is a land of many names however Disia is one of the most commonly used. Disia is a very large and diverse continent with people of all different ethnicities, unique animals, unique culture. Disia is a 'disputed' continent as many people argue over its position in the world as a continent or weather its an African Island or even part of Europe.

Disia is inhabited by around 203.3 Million people who each inhabit the many climates of the country, from the Scrub located between the deserts and rainforests to the high alpine climate and cold winds. The Disian Central Range or Dicenra is one of the largest mountain ranges in the world with hights of around 6,483 m (Mount Dase) to the depths of 2,124 m (the Solea Tean Cave Systems) Disia is truly one of the greatest Continents of Earth.


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Blank Map of the world With Disia

Disia is located off the West coast of Africa and is seperated by the Senegal Channel which it is believed was first crossed by Tribes from Africa who then settled in the north of the continent. Disia is cut in half by the Dicenra Mountain range which is believed to be the main cause of the Sahara Desert (plus wind changes from the wet period around 20,000 years ago. The Continent is again divided by the Løen River which originates in the Highlands of the Dicenra Range it then curves down and finishes its course in Hoxia. The Continent is very stable and has rarely any earthquakes apart from in two main places, the Northern Tip of the Continent which lies in a active zone however is a considerable distance from the plate, and the Southern part of the Continent which is cut by the faultline which seperates it creating a volcanic mountain range and many geothermal activity.


In Ancient times Disia was uninhabited until the 'green sahara' period when several Berber, Mali and Touareg tribes crossed over into Disia via the many Senegalese Islands. These settled in the north and slowly spread south each set of people splitting off to form new races. The Disians then began to found empires and civilizations such as the: Oriqueans and Litenians who founded the empires in modern day ASoD. These Empires regulated travel and trade and each were interlinked founding the Luneist Religion and spreading it across Disia.

Disia before contact had only one writing system developed and is currently used in the State of Stalaos and
730 Disia
Pays-Danuta which is commonly called Amodnary (pronounced: Amothary). Disia around 710 AD was made up of aroudn 16 states each alignied with either the Oriqueans, Litenians or Dsoururi. These states each had significant authority and left cultural landmarks such as the Temple of the Sky in Acania and the Paonemet Building of Noshise.